Full List for NON-DEPUTED Applicants.
ST University: OU
Method Subject: ALL
In case of tie, the UG/PG Marks % of the candidates has also been considered.
Sr. No.  Application
Applicant's Name  Score  Method 1  Is
Category  PH Religion  Is Christian
University UG/PG
Marks % 
Method Subject: BENGALI
1 162 ASTOMI MAHATO 64.07 Bengali No ST No Hinduism -- PRESIDENCY UNIVERSITY 76.00
Method Subject: ENGLISH
1 275 CHYUNOM PHIPON 65.55 English No ST No Christianity Yes VISVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY 59.00
2 47 DECHEN DOMA SHERPA 47.13 English No ST No Buuddhism -- North Bengal University 47.25
Method Subject: GEOGRAPHY
1 501 PANNA KUMARI SUNDI 32.46 Geography No ST No Other -- KOLHAN UNIVERSITY 58.19
Method Subject: HISTORY
1 221 RUMA KUMAR 56.15 History No ST No Hinduism -- Sikkim university 62.31